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Wizard Island - Crater Lake, Oregon.

After hitchhiking 500+ miles south from my home in Bellingham WA, I finally reached the destination of my first trip through, and first time in Oregon. Crater Lake completely blew my expectations out of the water and Wizard Island(what a perfect name, for the place) is a place I cannot wait to come back to visit. 
Sometime this summer, I’ll swim to it.
Cheers to Oregon, and the beauty it holds.

(Also, I sell prints of my work! If you’re interested in a certain piece or photograph, working with me, or just feel like saying hello- feel free to get into contact with me through here or my website and we’ll get something shipped your way or plans into action!)

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  • Question: Prussia and Hetalia :) - timelockdoctor
  • Answer:

    3 People I think are awesome: Miranda Hart, Laverne Cox, Tatiana Maslany, (also everyone continuing to protest in Ferguson even though they are facing tear gas, bullets, and other abuse from the police)

    5 Places I want to visit/ see in my lifetime: Hawaii, France, Wales, Australia, Tibet

    Thanks! :)

  • America: What superpowers I want/wanted
  • China: Three things that I find to be adorable
  • Russia: A dream I want to have come true one day
  • England: Someone I miss
  • France: What I envision the man/woman of my dreams would be like
  • Canada: The last time I felt unnoticed
  • Japan: Something I might never say out loud
  • Germany: What I think most people think of me
  • Italy: My childhood best friend
  • Hungary: An embarrassing story from when I was young
  • Austria: A musical instument I always wanted to play
  • Prussia: 3 People I think are awesome
  • Spain: Something that makes me smile
  • Romano: Someone who has always been there for me
  • Greece: The last dream/nightmare I can remember
  • Switzerland: Someone/thing I'm protective of
  • Lichtenstein: Do I have siblings? My relationship with them
  • Finland: A time where I misjudged someone
  • Sweden: Last time I scared someone (be it on purpose or accident)
  • Hetalia: 5 places I want to visit/see in my lifetime
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i love you.
i love you too.

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A Walk in the Woods / Acadia National Park, Maine U.S. by: Michael Steighner


A Walk in the Woods / Acadia National Park, Maine U.S. 

by: Michael Steighner
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  • Question: If you receive this it means you make someone happy! Go on anonymous and send this to 10 followers that make you happy, or some you feel need some cheering up. If you get some back, even better! - Anonymous
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     thank you! :D

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bo would not stand for your biphobic shit kay

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